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Fastapi audit log


Jul 16, 2021 · FastAPI is able to use these native Python type declarations to understand that the parameter does not need to be set (if we wanted the parameters to be mandatory, we would omit the Optional) Both parameters also have a default, specified via the = sign, for example, the max_result query parameter default is 10. If these parameters are not.

A FastAPI route for logging every request - 0.1.3 - a Python package on PyPI -

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. Traefik meets FastAPI , and they run together, happily, in Docker! FastAPI is an asynchronous Python framework for building APIs. It's rising in popularity as a modern alternative to Flask and. Fastapi permissions.

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A logging technology which allows queries. A single user interaction in a microservice architecture may span many services. Being able to follow a user interaction becomes much easier if you have a logging tool that lets you use an advanced query language to search, project, and aggregate. Logging in aggregate can also be very useful.

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